The American Medical Student Research Journal is accepting submissions for our Spring 2014 issue starting November 4, 2013!

We are seeking notable articles, of which a medical student is the primary author, which meet excellence in research standards.

We are accepting articles in the following categories: Basic Science, Clinical Research, Case Reports, and Humanities.


Basic Science articles include original research in areas not directly involving clinical insight/outcomes, nor are they considered clinical trials by the ICMJE. Fields involving these articles include but are not limited to: Biochemistry, Virology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, etc. Translational research falls under this category as long as investigations are not aimed at determining direct clinical outcomes. Articles may not exceed 4000 words and must be accompanied by a structured abstract.


The Clinical Research Section includes reports on clinical trials, systematic reviews, retrospective chart reviews, meta-analyses, and translational research directed at determining clinical outcomes. Articles may not exceed 4000 words.

In addition to following the guidelines for all research articles, articles submitted to this section must include a structured abstract.


Case Report Section includes articles describing a single patient, articles describing a series of related patients, and articles describing a single/multiple patient/s accompanied by a review of the literature. In addition to following the guidelines for all articles, a non-structured abstract which provides a brief summary of the case is required.

All patients included in the case report, case series, or case and review must give permission for publication. This requires both written and oral informed consent when using any identifiable patient information. Such information includes any information that can identify the patient, even by the patients themselves. This includes, but is not limited to, patient descriptions, descriptions of disease course and accompanying media. A copy of all documentation of informed consent must be submitted. Finally, a signed copy of the Consent Acknowledgement form must accompany all submissions.


Manuscripts submitted to the Humanities section include those which address the political, social, and personal experiential aspects of medicine. Humanities articles must be submitted with a title page, but do not require abstracts. Occasionally, the editors may submit particular prompts to solicit submissions regarding a specific topic. When this occurs, the time frame for submission along with length requirements will be provided along with other pertinent information. Articles NOT related to the writing prompt may still be submitted with the understanding that consideration and publication of these articles may be delayed until all topical articles are reviewed.

For more information, please see the complete author guidelines.